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Product Features:
The surface of the disposal table is made of full rounded corners and there will be no dead corners. It is more convenient to clean and sanitary. The water leakage will not be blocked by the stainless steel filter. Equipped with a stainless steel pull-out faucet, 2 water outlet methods are easy to use. It can be cleaned at a high distance between long and short distances. The drawer slides in the cabinet are made of stainless steel thickened guides. Equipped with a cabinet and three drawers.


Size: 140*60*88cm


Material Description:
The main part of the wooden wet pet disposal table is made of wood, the table is made of 304 stainless steel, the grid is 8mm in diameter as the keel, and the crosspiece is welded with 4mm in diameter.
Easy to use, clean and hygienic, essential for hospitals

Wood-based vet treatment table with water faucet