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A two panel table top system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical to hold the pets in the desired position during surgery.

Overall size of the top: 20″W× 55″L.

Powerful and durable electric lifting actuator holds 120kg (240lbs) on the surgery top.

Two sliding, quick release easy controls are provided on each side of the rail  to offer secure pet restraint.

10cm (4″) stainless steel trough encourages fluid run off into a drain.

Table can be lifted from 28” to 47”.

Worktop Swivel Angle: 0°- 45°.

Sliding drain trough

Operation surface angled

Angle adjuster mechanism

Side panel handle


Buffered hinges and air spring added to

cushion the dropping impact of the whole

top and V-top side panels

Improved waste channel and drain hole

design allow for fluidly drain flow. Close

fitting translucent bucket improves waste


New 3” casters installed for smoother

movement and easier braking.

Buffer hinge

Heating system with accurate temperature

monitoring and control (Only for FT-828H)

ITEM Net Weight Gross Weight Dimension (cm) Volume
(kg) (kg) W×D×H(cm) Stand W×D×H (inch) Package (cbm)
FT-828 70 85 140×50×(70-120) 55-1/8×19-11/16×(27-9/16×47-1/4) 146×58×85 0.73
FT-828H 80 95 140×50×(70-120) 55-1/8×19-11/16×(27-9/16×47-1/4) 146×58×85 0.73


FT-828 Veterinary V-top Electric Lift Operation Table