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Portable Endoscope Camera Features:

All-in-one design integrating video Flexible Endoscope, MP4, Light Source, Battery and Recording Device in one unit.

1. Portable recording, renewable SD card supports for storing of still images and videos.
2. Thin intubation, the smallest diameter of the insertion tube is only 4 mm
3. Multi functional design, equipped with wirking channel and support for suction, BAL and instrument use.

4. Visual confirmation, featuring a 3.5 inch monitor and long-life LED Light Source.
5. Long-life working, rechargeable lithium-ion Batteries continually work eight hours.

6. Easy to operate, a flexible ergonomic handle, which weight is less than 2 Kg.

7. Widely used, applicable to anesthesiologym respiratory, ENT, ICU, emergency room, etc.

Working Length: 600 mm

Diameter of Distal-End: 4 mm / 4.8 mm / 5.7 mm

Diameter of Instrument Channel: No / 1.5 mm / 2.0 mm

View of Field: 100 º

Range of Bending: Up to 160 º ,  Down 130 º

Veterinary flexible video ENT endoscope