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Surgical Cautery Specification:

Monopolar Cut (Pure Cut, Blend 1, Blend 2, Endo Cut)

Monopolar Coag (Fulgurate Coag, Spray Coag)

Bipolar Coag, Fully Meet Different Surgery Requirement

Electrosurgical Machine Tissue Monitoring Technology: 

This Technology Monitos The Tissue Density, Especially for Polypectomy & Papillotomy,

Cutting is Smartly Divided Incut & Pause, So that Coagulation Occurs in Each Pause.

The System is Intelligent to Change the pause Interval as Tissue Density Changes,

Hence Produces Fine Cutting with Coagulation Effect.

Patient Return Electrode Monitoring ( PREM )

REM ( Return Electrode Monitoring ) Function Monitors the Range of Contact Area Between a Patient and the Neutral Plate. If the Size is Inappropiate, it Automatically Stop the High-Frequency

current with Audible Alarm to Minimize the Danger of Burning Incidents.

Compatible with other surgical Equipment

Endoscopy, Optimum Smoke Evacuation System.

Waterproof Panel Operation

Microcomputer Auto Control, Three-zone (LED) Digital Display


Electrosurgical Unit Working Modes:

◆Mono-polar Cut

a) Pure cut:Max Power: 100W   ( Rated Load 300Ω )

b) Blend 1: Max Power:   80W   ( Rated Load 300Ω )

c) Blend 2 :   Max Power:   60W   ( Rated Load 300Ω )

◆Mono-polar Coag

Standard Coag:50W ( Load 300Ω )

Bipolar Coagulation:  50W ( Load 300Ω )

◆Dimensions: 300mmx265 mmx107 mm   Weight: 9 Kg

Veterinary Electrocautery machine

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