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The Tafonius Large animal anesthesia Machine with Integral Ventilator is not at all like a convential large animal ventilator.  A whole new approach to the problem of large animal ventilation has been used.
With Tafonius, you may set a target expire (or inspired) agent concentration, with a set FiO2 and a minimum Minute Volume delivery together with a randomly varying Tidal Volume of +/-25% of the set tidal volume (a form of “noisy” ventilation).   To achieve this, Tafonius will take complete control of the oxygen and air gas flows (the passage of gas through the vaporiser and the minute volume delivery to the patient).
In daily use the features that allow you to run the extreme example above give you a smooth spontaneous breathing movements, precise control of tidal volume, PEPP/CPAP and reliable display of circuit oxygen, nitrous, carbon dioxide and inhalation agent, whilst still leaving you in control of Fresh Gas Flow, vaporiser setting and all ventilation parameters.
Tafonius provides ECG, IBP, Pulse-Ox, CO2, O2, Nitrous, Agent, Temperature and Airway pressure in its monitoring system as either instantaneous data or trend data.   In addition, tidal volumes, inspiratory times, respiratory rates, minute volumes and minimum/maximum airway pressures are recorded and displayed.
Tafonius control over all ventilation parameter through precise piston control and independent setting of ventilation parameters.   With these building blocks you can perform any time of ventilation profile that you can conceive, be they recruitment manoeuvres, sighs, pressure-cycled breaths or even a new ventilation type.
Simple control:  Connect the animal to Tafonius and let it breath spontaneously.   Set the Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate and Inspiratory time.   When you want to switch to IPPV, push the Ventilate button.   That’s all there is to it.
Record charts can be produced automatically as well as viewing the entire procedure’s data in a standard spreadsheet.  With its Windows(TM) based control system, Tafonius is packed with features that aid data visibility, safe time in data recording and provide incontrovertible evidence of anesthetic practice and control.
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Tafonius® – Large animal Anesthesia Machine with Integral Ventilator