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Five Devices, One Compact Unit

The KARL STORZ TELE PACK VET X LED is the ultimate mobile endoscopic video system designed for all applications of veterinary endoscopy. This high-performance, all-in-one unit integrates every component necessary for endoscopic imaging: Camera, LED light source,

monitor, insufflation pump and image capture.
The TELE PACK VET X LED is compatible with all types of endoscopes, including video endoscopes, rigid telescopes, fiberscopes and exoscopes. The compact, lightweight

TELE PACK VET X LED is the ultimate solution for small spaces as well as easy transport and quick set-up for use in multiple examination rooms.


Integrated Camera Control uit features KARL STORZ exclusive TELECAM technology.

Light Source

High perfomance LED light source assures bright and uniform illumination, with up to 30,000 hours of lamp life


High resolution 15″ LCD TFT monitor with LED backlight provides crystal clear, magnified images.

Image Capture

Documentation system enables capture and storage of still images and video onto USB drives or SD memory card. It can also be integrated into the network.

Insufflation Pump

Integrated adjustable air pump provides insufflation without the need for additional equipment.

Compatible with video endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and fiberscopes

TELECAM Technology

Compatible with VET and TELECAM camera heads
Contrast enhancement and digital filter for improved image quality
Electronic zoom
Digital video output (DVI-D) connects to HD monitors

High Performance LED Light Source

Natural daylight color (6400° K)
Adjustable light intensity
Long lamp life (up to 30,000 hours)
Compatible with video endoscopes and
KARL STORZ standard light cables


Universal power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D): 450 x 350 x 150 mm
Weight: 7 kg

15″ LCD Monitor

High resolution 1024 x 768 pixel display
24 BIT color intensity for natural color rendition
Picture in picture mode
LED backlight improves image display


Capture still images (jpg), video (mpeg 4) and audio (AAC)
Capture direct to USB flash drive, external hard drive
or SD memory card
Print direct to USB printer
Playback of saved videos

Insufflation Pump

Adjustable to 4 levels
Maximum pressure of 760 mmHg
Maximum flow of 3.5 l/min



RP 100 S1 TELE PACK VET X LED, endoscopic video unit for use with all KARL STORZ TELECAM one-chip camera heads, veterinary video camera heads and
video endoscopes, with integrated insufflation pump, incl. LED light source 
similar to Xenon technology, with integrated digital Image Processing 
Module, 15″ LCD TFT monitor with LED backlight, USB/SD memory module, 
color systems PAL/NTSC, power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
USB Flash Drive, 32 GB

SD Card, 32 GB

Mains Cord

Mains Cord, US plug

Carrying Case

RP 100 S2 Same, without carrying case

Camera Heads

20 2120 30 PAL TELECAM
20 2121 30 NTSC One-Chip Camera Head

color systems PAL/NTSC, soakable, gas-sterilizable,
with integrated Parfocal Zoom Lens, f = 25-50 mm, (2x),
2 freely programmable camera head buttons

Fiber Optic Light Guide

69495 NA Fiber Optic Light Cable, diameter 3.5 mm, length 230 cm
495 KS Adaptor, for standard KARL STORZ fiber optic light cable (not 495 NCS)

Optional Accessories

20 0141 30 One-Pedal Footswitch, digital, one-stage
20 0143 30 Two-Pedal Footswitch, one-stage
549 M USB Color Printer
20 0402 40DE USB Silicone Keyboard, with German character set, USB plug,
with touchpad
20 0402 40ES Same, with Spanish character set
20 0402 40FR Same, with French character set
20 0402 40IT Same, with Italian character set
20 0402 40PT Same, with Portuguese character set
20 0402 40RU Same, with Russian character set
20 0402 40US Same, with US-English character set

Equipment Cart

20 0200 81 TROLL-E Mobile Stand, with locking brakes, for mounting monitors with VESA 75/100 connection, integrated cable conduit in vertical beam, 1 shelf and cable manager
20 0200 82 Wall Mount MOUNT-E®, for mounting monitors
with VESA 75/100 connection, integrated cable conduit in vertical beam
20 0200 46 Keyboard Shelf, for use with
20 0200 81 or 20 0200 82.