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Designed to meet the demanding requirements of everyday use, these refrigerators incorporate the latest in cabinet, refrigeration, and temperature control features to provide energy efficient, safe, convenient, and reliable storage of temperature sensitive items in a variety of applications. A microprocessor controller has push button control and a digital temperature display. A complete temperature alarm system features an audible buzzer and visible flashing light that will alert for failure due to high or low temperature, sensor error, door ajar, low battery, or power failure. Each refrigerator has a bright interior light, external port, safety lock and keys, and leveling legs and casters.

Special designed Slot For Sign Card

Adjustable shelves, the slot design be clear, store items is easy to distinguish

Air Cooling, Auto defrost

Better cabinet temperature uniformity, Auto defrost


High-accuracy Temperature Control
Accurate Temperature, Safe Storage
High accurate controller and high sensitivity sensor, keep the temperature within 2~8℃.
Condensation Free Design
Door without condensation under ambinet temp. 32℃ and 80% humidity
Electrical heating glass door,condensation free under humidity 75%.
Lockable Design
Door With Lock, Safety Control
Door with lock or accommodate a padlock, safeguard the storage.
Intelligent Alarm
Human Technology, Safe Service
Three alarm types keep storage safe.

Reliability and Key Features

  • High efficiency specialty compressor with known field reliability
  • Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity
  • Forced-air cooling with optimized air distribution system designed to achieve maximum temperature uniformity and stability
  • Optimized refrigeration system design for more effective cooling and speedy recovery
  • Temperature variation within ±3°C
  • Temperature range 2~8°C
  • Microprocessor control, digital display, and temperature adjustment with an increment of 0.1°C
  • Large digital display screen
  • Wide voltage tolerance suitable for unstable voltage supply
  • Designed for ambient temperature 10~32°C with humidity below 75%


  • Equipped with a complete temperature alarm system featuring audible buzzer and visible flashing light
  • Capable of alerting failures due to High/low temperature, Power failure, Door ajar, Sensor error , Low battery

Ergonomic Design

  • Optimized space utilization design with multi-level and adjustable shelf height to accommodate storage requirement of pharmaceutical products of various kinds
  • Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access
    • Caster design
Haier® Biomedical 2-8°C Lab Refrigerator (1378 L/ 48.7 cf), Glass Door