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Wide height adjustable range, from 10” to 48”. It has a huge loading capacity of 150 kg.

Built-in electric receptacles (installed on one end), make for a very convenient

power source solution for your nail grinder, dryer and clipper.

Four versions available, FT-898 comes with standard flat top, FT-898-R is equipped with a round rotational turntable board in the middle of the rectangular top, FT-898R-SW is the one with fantastic swing arm on one end andalso a round rotation plate.

All of them could be used with strong overhead grooming arm.

Super Big Lift Range, from 10” to 48”

Simply operating swing arm

Simply operating swing arm

Rotary grooming-arm locking system

Multiple tabletop configurations

ITEM Net Weight Gross Weight Dimension (cm) Volume
(kg) (kg) W×D×H(cm)           Stand           W×D×H(inch) Package (cbm)
FT-898 62 65 120×60×36-108 47-1/4×23- 5/8×14-11/64~42-33/64 123×63×40H 0.31
FT-898 Big Z Electric Lift Grooming Table