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60cm (23-1/2″) diameter table top swivels 360° smoothly on central shaft, making it possible to view the dog from any angle. Easy-to-Control air lift base offers a wide adjustable operation range from 80cm (31-1/2″) -120cm (47-1/4″). You will be able to find a comfortable height no matter how tall either you or the dog is. Smartly designed metal base with scratch resistant white veined powder coating offers secure stability of operation and durable product wear. Comes equipped with a set of aluminum clamp and stainless steel dual purpose grooming arms. 4 colors available for the table top rubber mat. FT-838 has round tabletops with two diameters, either 60 or 70cm; and FT-838REC are referring to the versions with rectangular table, at either 60×40cm or 75×45cm.

Aluminum Clamp

Rubber Tabletop W/ Metal Frame

ITEM Net Weight Gross Weight Dimension Volume
(kg) (kg) Stand(W×D×H)(cm) Package (cbm)
FT-838 21.5 23.5 φ60×(68-98) 69×63×26 0.11
FT-838-REC 17.5 19.5 60×40×(68-98) 69×45×26 0.08
FT-838L 23 25 φ70×(68-98) 71×71×26 0.13
FT-838L-REC 19 21 75×45×(68-98) 47×77×26 0.09

FT-838 Grooming table