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FT-825&825E Large Size/FT-824&824E Medium Size Hydraulic/Electrical Stainless Steel Vet Operation Table

FT-824/824E Hydraulic/Electrical Stainless Steel Surgical Table

825/825E Hydraulic/Electrical Stainless Steel Surgical Table

Classic lifting mechanism; FT-824 and FT-825 hydraulic, FT-824E and FT-825E electric. FT-824 and FT-824E is medium size at 90cm×60cm (36”×24”), FT-825 and FT-825E are large size at 120cm×60cm (48”×24”).

Sturdy tables with all stainless steel surface and reinforced construction that alleviates wobbling and tipping.

Hydraulic foot pedals control the height from 51.5 -101cm (20-1/4″- 39-3/4″).

With a steel basin at one side of the surface.

110cm high pole to hang the transfusion bag.

ITEM N.W. G.W. Dimension Volume
(kg) (kg) W×D×H (cm)    W×D×H (inch) Package(cm) (cbm)
FT-824 45 65 90×60×51.5-101 35×23×20-39 94×64×65H 0.39
FT-825 47 67 120×60×51.5-101 47×23×20-39 124×64×71H 0.55
FT-824E 48 68 90×60×65.5-106 35×23×25-41 94×65×81H 0.49
FT-825E 46 66 120×60×65.5-106 47×23×25-41 124×64×81H 0.65
Flat top operation/surgery table

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Hydraulic, Electric