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Monitoring within reach

The iM8 VET series puts reliable veterinary monitoring technologies at your fingertips. With its accurate

readings and optimized performance, the iM8 VET series can meet most basic vet monitoring needs,

bringing easy access to high-quality healthcare for everyone.

Accurate and Trustworthy

iSEAPTM ECG algorithm with 16 types of arrythmias

iCUFSTM NIBP algorithm with fast measurements

Internationally Acclaimed CO2 Monitoring Technology

Respironics mainstream and sidestream CO2 monitoring are available on iM8 VET series

Mounting Solutions

Three types of mounting solutions are available for regular monitoring applications.
Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Adjustable Rolling Stand

Adjustable Rolling Stand

Fixed Rolling Stand

Fixed Rolling Stand

EDAN® iM8 Vet Patient Monitor with standard accessories