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These blood collection tubes are generally used for blood coagulation tests. Sodium Citrate acts as an anticoagulant and has minimal impact on
blood cells and platelets. The ratio of anticoagulant and blood volume is 1 to 9.

PT tubes-Citrate blood is the most commonly obtained examination sample
for coagulation determinations. Sodium citrate functions as anticoagulant by chelating calcium at 3.8% Sodium Citrate
Invert the collected sample 3 to 4 t imes
2500g for 10 to 15 minutes-For centrifugationrun t he sample at 2000

Volumes: 1.8 ml, 2.7 ml, 3.6 ml, 4.5 ml

Additives: Sodium citrate

Pcs/box: 100 or 1000

Blood Collection Sodium Citrate Tubes