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The new BM7Vet Equine includes a Dual Gas Capnography module which measures both ETCO2 and Anesthetic Gas concentration. Also included is a complete direct, invasive arterial blood pressure kit with necessary monitoring components to measure invasive blood pressure. For your non-invasive blood pressure monitoring needs, we include a wide range of cuff sizes. Our 5 lead ECG cable provides 48 hour full disclosure ECG recording of up to 7 concurrent channels. 12.1” wide color monitor displays all the vital signs that you want in different colors. Interface the BM5Vet Elite Equine with BT-Link PRO to record and manage all monitor data.

BIONET BM VET Veterinary Monitor
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Product Highlights


ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Respiration, 2 Temperatures, and 2 IBPs

Dual Gas Sensor

Dual gas sensor measuring ETCO2 and anesthetic gas included

Arrhythmia Analysis

13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis

Touch Screen

12.1″ color TFT touch screen with 4 wave forms

Central Monitoring

BT-Link Pro / Mobile for real-time monitoring and data recording

Best Warranty

Industry’s longest warranty – 4 years

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Bionet® BM7Vet Equine Multi-Parameter Monitor