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RIA 450 GENERATORwith 4-way floating tableProduced and designed in Italy by Foschi


From our passion and continuous research in the Imaging Veterinary Field, we have developed the newest product of the ARIA range: the ARIA 450 Radiographic Generator. The ARIA 450 is the first generator produced in Italy by Foschi in collaboration with the major imaging providers. A perfect blend of Italian technology and design, with high power and stability, able to face the demanding needs of today’s veterinary practices.

The 32 kW generator is able to produce a maximum output of 450 mA and a power of 125 kV. The new inverter with working frequencies from 100 kHz is able to guarantee stability and reliability of the x-ray emission delivering highest image quality, while avoiding repetitions and unnecessary exposure of the patient.The graphical user interface has been revisited and is even more intuitive and simple. You can choose between over 1,000 presets for 11 different species: by choosing the anatomical width or the size of the breed, ARIA will load the ideal exposure for the highest image quality with the lowest dose

Aria-X Digital Radiography Machine