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Animal Woods Lamp Features:

Fungi have used tryptophan in animals hair in their growth and metabolism, so that their metabolites will fluoresce differently under the illumination of woods fungi detecting torch.

Detection method:
Veterinary Woods Lamp using the torch in darkroom, and the distance between light source and pets’ skin should be 5-10 cm, then aim the light at the infected part to see whether it is fluorescent or not.

Detection results:

Fungi Light reaction
Microsporum Canis Light green fluorescence
Tinea versicolor Golden fluorescence
Microsporum Bright green fluorescence
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Yellow-green fluorescence
Ulcer lesions Purple fluorescence
Black cell Puce fluorescence
hematoma Wine-red fluorescence
Corynebacterium minutissimum Brick-red fluorescence
eczema No fluorescence


Standard components
1. The whole woods torch
2. Battery
3. Charger
4. Power adapter
5. Lanyard

1. There is a imported high-power LED lamps and a special optical filter which make the output light more stable, greatly reduce the detecting light attenuation and improve the equipment working life and its stability.

2. It is used LED lamp, which make visible light be almost zero and reduce the darkness of background. The visible light influence on fluorescence is avoided, and the image is much clearer thanks to the usage of the LED lamp.

3. Bowl-shaped reflector focus the light on the detection area to avoid light scattering and leakage which are harm to human body.

4. The product, equipped with a special rechargeable battery and charger, is dismissed by the limitation of long power line and power cord. It is more convenient to do the inspection in hospital and out-call.

5. The working life of LED lamp is over 100 thousand hours, and the equipment is water-proof. It is easier and safer to disinfect it.


Tube: Imported high-power LED
Spectral region: 320nm–400nm
Maximum peak: 365nm
Batteryvoltage: 3.7V

Animal Woods Lamp UV Light