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Cost-effective full X-ray system with floating table top for small animal practices

The Amadeo V nano II X-ray unit was specially designed for the requirements in veterinary medicine and is particularly suitable for small animal practices. The completely flat 4-way floating table without upstands will inspire you. This veterinary X-ray system is again an in-house development “Made in Germany” by OR Technology and the result of close cooperation with veterinarians and university institutions.

The 5.6 kW high-frequency generator is directly integrated in the X-ray table and has a rotatable light visor. The table top can be moved very easily via the foot brake on the table. For the 220V power supply, connection to a standard socket is sufficient. No major alterations are required in your small animal practice.

The X-ray shot can be prepared and triggered with the help of the 2-step foot switch. A large integrated drawer with two compartments offers enough space for positioning aids, small parts, etc.



Video: Digital veterinary X-ray system for small animal medicine



The Amadeo V nano II X-ray system for small animal practice is available in 3 variants:

Amadeo V-DR nano II with built-in CsI X-ray detector 17″ x 14″
(active area 43.3 x 35.5 cm)
Amadeo V-DR nano II with built-in CsI X-ray detector 17″ x 17″
(active area 43.2 x 43.2 cm)
Amadeo V-AX nano II for use with film/CR cassettes or existing DR system without generator control

Features and Benefits of the Vet X-ray system system for small animal medicine

Economical The Amadeo V-DR nano II can be used with a standard socket. No major conversion measures are necessary.
Comfortable The completely level patient table without upstands is equipped with a floating tabletop and silent brakes. It allows for generous movement and can be operated from the front panel.
Efficient Thanks to the integration into your existing patient management system the patient data is available at the push of a button.
Excellent image quality The high-quality X-ray detector based on a caesium iodide (CsI) scintillator offers top image quality even at low X-ray doses. Especially in direct comparison with the standard, widely used GadOx (Gd²O²S:Tb) detectors, this edge in quality is clearly visible.
User friendly The professional dicomPACS®DX-R X-ray software for acquisition and diagnostic offers an intuitive and modern graphic user interface including free special measuring functions and generator control (except AX version). The examinations can be conducted comfortably at the monitor while all necessary adjustments of the X-ray parameters are automatically communicated to the generator.
Fast Shortly after taking the shot (6 – 8 seconds), the X-ray image is available for viewing and diagnostic evaluation. This ensures a quick workflow.
Space-saving The X-ray table has a large drawer with 2 compartments for small parts and positioning aids, etc.
Vibration-free The high-frequency generator with vibration-free suspension has a rotatable light beam diaphragm.
Cleverly designed A positioning guide integrated in the X-ray software provides information on the correct positioning technique for any examination of cats and dogs.
Unique Special measuring functions such as MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure), HD measuring, TTA, TPLO and heart measuring are provided without extra cost.
Safe Clamps for attaching restraints: These ties can be used to hold the animal in place so that the staff can leave the controlled area during the shot.
Automatic AI-supported HD measurement for dogs (determination of the Norberg angle)

Acquisition and diagnostic software for X-ray images

Digital X-ray: Acquisition and diagnostic software for X-ray images At the heart of each Amadeo system is the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software with the integrated X-ray positioning guide developed by OR Technology.

The software controls X-ray generators and X-ray units of various manufacturers, providing a smooth and structured workflow. A simple and user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface), operated by touchscreen or mouse, completes the system.

The professional dicomPACS®DX-R image processing can be adapted to individual user needs and offers outstanding image quality in human and veterinary medicine. It has been specially developed to enable organ-specific quality optimisation, guaranteeing the highest quality of X-ray images.

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Entry-level X-ray system for small animal doctors “Made in Germany”.

Our low-cost full X-ray system for your small animal practice is an in-house development “Made in Germany” by OR Technology and is manufactured entirely in Germany. In our production hall at the Rostock location, the complete assembly as well as the comprehensive quality inspection is carried out by our employees. This is the only way we can guarantee the best product quality for you.

Software and product development also take place in-house at OR Technology, because current developments show that we have to think in terms of manageable cycles. You benefit from an independent supplier providing you with everything from a single source, ensures service and support for the entire life of the X-ray systems and guarantees manageable delivery times.

Our dedicated employees from the production department assembling the Amadeo V nano II X-ray system:

Production of the Amadeo V nano II X-ray system in RostockProduction of the compact X-ray system Amadeo V nano IIAmadeo V nano compact X-ray unit for veterinarians - Made in Germany



Amadeo® V nano II Veterinary Digital Radiography System

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5.6 kW High -frequency rotatable generator – Large drawer 0.6 / 1.8 mm tube focus – Floating table – Modern touchscreen graphical user interface – Capture of patient data via DICOM – 230V 10A

Made in



3 years

Delivery Time

4 – 6 weeks

Dimensions (cm):

160 x 940 x 220