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Inner Structure

(1)The liquid nitrogen container consists of an inner container, an outer container, a canister and a
neck tube linking two containers above. The strength durable inner container and outer container
are made up of high strength aluminum alloy.
(2) The storage tank employs multi-layer thermal insulation material in high vacuum space between
the inner and outer containers. Therefore it has excellent performance of deep freezing.
(3) The neck tube is made of reinforced glass plastic which has the lowest heat conduction
coefficient, and for this reason it can control outside heat coming into the container from the neck
tube to the minimum limit.
Remark: we do production as argon-arc welding.
widely used in Lab, animal vets, air condition supplier, food, cryosauna cryotherapy, chemical, military industrial,
nuclear power, oil Refining, electronically, medical, gas industry, air condition, low temperature cooling tests, liquid
nitrogen ice cream.

Liquid Nitrogen dewar container 35L

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50mm, 125mm, 210mm